Man Claims He Has A 19-Inch-Long Penis, And His Whole Life Has Suffered

Bigger isn't always better. Just ask Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, the not-so-proud owner of likely the world's largest penis.

Cabrera, from Saltillo, Mexico, made his world debut this week after appearing in Mexican newspaper Vanguardia to discuss — well, complain about — his 19-inch schlong.

According to Cabrera, his penis is such a drag, he considers himself disabled and thinks the government should, too. The 52-year-old argues his 19-inch-long, 10-inch-thick dick impedes his ability to work, have sex and generally lead a normal life.

Because of this, he reportedly requires financial assistance to live and often struggles to find food.

While many questioned the validity of Cabrera's claims, an x-ray provided to the media that indeed depicts a horrifyingly large and misshapen appendage silenced most of the doubters.

It is unclear if Cabrera always had an enormous penis or if this is a new development. He is, however, reportedly meeting with specialists to try and determine the cause of his abnormal growth.

Some doctors believe much of his genitalia is, in fact, just excess skin, and by performing a procedure similar to a "very big circumcision,” they can reduce the size by a respectable amount.

Others, including the doctors cited in the original Mexican reports, make no mention of excess skin. If his penis is all penis and not mostly extra skin, it is unclear how the size could be safely reduced.

All I really know is I'm happy I'm not Cabrera.

Check out the news report below for more.

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