You'll Never Be Able To Unsee Meryl Streep Dressed As Donald Trump

There are few things in this world that absolutely terrify me: being stranded in open water filled with sharks, heights and these photos of Meryl Streep dressed as Donald Trump.

On Monday night, Meryl Streep transformed into Donald Trump for the Public Theater's annual Shakespeare in the Park Gala in New York City.

If you're wondering what Donald Trump has to do with Shakespeare, I have no fucking idea, but I promise you as soon as you see these photos, you won't even care.

Last night, Meryl Streep gifted the world with the most horrifying yet amazing thing ever when she dressed up as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

To put her transformation into context, here is what Meryl Streep looks like normally...

...and here is what she looked like when she morphed into monster Trump.

The three-time Academy Award-winning actress reportedly performed "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" while dressed as the real estate mogul to pay tribute to Shakespeare -- because, you know, that's what Shakespeare would've wanted.

I, honestly, can barely tell the difference between her and Trump.

Meryl Streep, you just made my life and gave me nightmares, all at the same time.

Do yourselves a favor, and bookmark this article, like I did, so anytime you're feeling down or need a good laugh -- or maybe a good cry -- you can just look at these photos.

They will solve all your problems. And if that's not enough, take a peek at her performance, below.

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