This Study Proves Men Really Are Clueless When It Comes To What Women Want

Men, chill out! Everyone wants to take the F train to 69th street IFYAKNOWWHATIMEAN!

I don't know where or why this started, but for some reason there has always been a stigma that men want sex more than women. Maybe it's because of early sitcoms, maybe it's because of macho '60s business watercooler talk, maybe it's even just because guys felt they needed something to complain about and were bored of saying, “Ugh, Uncle Sam is really breaking by cajones this quarter!”

That's all irrelevant. The important point is it's unfounded dude talk. Girls like gettin' down as much as guys do, and it's about time we all start recognizing that fact.

HERE IS SOME ACTUAL SCIENCE RESEARCH, DUDES! If you're not gonna listen to your girlfriend openly expressing her desire to boink more, maybe you'll listen to science, which basically says you're constantly underestimating how much your girlfriend wants sex.

The study, which can be found in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, explains,

Men's sexual overperception bias—where men tend to perceive greater sexual interest in women's behavior than actually exists—is a well-documented finding in previous research... In 3 dyadic studies, we provide evidence that men in established romantic relationships err in the direction of the opposite bias and underperceive their romantic partner's sexual desire.

Plain and simple. Men gotta stop acting like they're the only "gimme gimme gimme" game in town.

In case you needed more incentive to get jiggy wit it, let me remind you what happens when you let these insecurities take over and stop getting it on.

TL;DR: Everyone is horny.

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