McDonald's Shamrock Shake 2022 return revealed the drink's hex code.

The Shamrock Shake Is Back For 2022, Along With The Secret To Its Mint Green Hue

Your new favorite shade of green is here.

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Courtesy of McDonald's

It’s almost that time of year when you start seeing green when you pull up to McDonald’s. The Shamrock Shake will be making its highly anticipated return at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide on Feb. 21, but that’s not all Mickey D’s fans are celebrating this year. McDonald’s Shamrock Shake 2022 return also revealed the drink’s color hex code, so fans can surrounded themselves with the iconic green hue all year long — and even get lucky if they spot it in the right place.

In case you need a refresher, the St. Patrick’s Day staple is made with a blend of vanilla soft serve and the signature Shamrock Shake flavor, and it’s finished off with a fluffy whipped cream topping. McDonald’s announced the imminent return of the Shamrock Shake on Feb. 9, with an ~interesting~ tweet from the official Mickey D’s Twitter account. The tweet includes a unique drawing of the classic shake, with the caption, “made some fanart using #cbf2ac, drop urs in the replies.”

No, that hashtag wasn’t a key-smash — it’s the actual hex code of everyone’s favorite green milkshake. If you didn’t know, a hex code is a numerical value that informs the display how much of a color to use, and using a color hex code will give you the precise color you’re looking for for, say, some McDonald’s fan art.

The reveal of the milkshake’s color hex code (#cbf2ac) is exciting for two reasons: First, now Shamrock season never has to end, and second, eagle-eyed Shamrock Shake stans can also use the code to “unlock another tasty secret” starting Feb. 21.

According to the company, you’ll need to be one of the first fans who knows “where to look” for the green hex code for the Shamrock Shake to claim your prize, which means you’ll probably want to make your McDonald’s run extra early that day.

Courtesy of McDonald's

Along with the Shamrock Shake, the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry will also make its grand return to the McDonald’s menu. In case you forgot, the ice cream treat, which first debuted in 2020, is made with vanilla soft serve, Shamrock Shake flavor, and Oreo cookie bites.

Now that you know when the Shamrock Shake returns, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules before grabbing yours.

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