Massive Snowballs In Siberia Could Signal Intense US Winter

I'm not exaggerating in the least bit when I say I am a diehard beach fanatic.

Once the summer hits, you can find this girl over here with her butt parked in the sand, soaking up some mad rays on the reg.

My beach bag is always packed to the brim with a v. impressive selection of suntan lotion, in addition to the trendiest pairs of sunnies (obvi).

The beach, to me, is not just a rejuvenating oasis. It's a lifestyle I'm madly in love with, and that will never change.


Major denial hits so hard it's unreal when the summer season ~sadly~ comes to a close, because we all know what that means.

Winter and snowpocalypse central is here with the blink of an eye. And that to me, just does NOT cut it.


OK, OK. Don't get me wrong, I do love me a huge mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and skiing is seriously my shit. But this chick is most certainly not in any sort of way a fan of the cold. One day of it and I'm ready to peace out back to summer like it's my JOB.

You can just imagine how depressed I was this afternoon to learn that massive snowballs recently invaded an 11-mile stretch of the coastline in Siberia.

The biggest of these totally uncool snowballs was almost three feet long.

Just take a look at these babies. And you thought you could roll a big snowball.


They're literally invading.


How does this affect all of us in the United States, may you ask?

According to Mashable, this insane snowball situation is linked to continuous weather occurrences that may actually bring more hardcore snowfall to parts of Western Europe and North America.


UM, so basically we're pretty much completely screwed because this winter is going to be snowy AF. At least the slopes will be nice and powdery, though.

Snowpocalypse, here we come.

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