Marching Band Surprises Woman On Her Very Last Day Of Chemotherapy (Video)

This is a story you won't forget.

Wisconsin resident Ann Trachtenberg recently celebrated the final day of her chemotherapy treatment in an amazing way: with a marching band escort.

Trachtenberg, who'd been receiving cancer treatment at the UW Carbone Cancer Center, once joked she wanted to be escorted out of the hospital with a marching band when she finished the treatment.

And while it may have been a joke, her niece Stephanie Reinke-Richter decided to make it happen.

Richter contacted the University of Wisconsin-Madison marching band, the Badger Band, and asked if the band would be willing to perform outside of the hospital on her aunt's final day of chemo.

The Badger Band agreed, and on Monday, the moving performance went down exactly as planned.

Alec Larsen, a Badger Band senior bass drum player, told Huffington Post,

This was a very happy moment. Ann was definitely surprised. It was very emotional for her to see us standing outside of the hospital doors.

A staff member at the cancer center said the surprise performance was also a treat for the other patients who were able to watch.

A video of the performance was posted to Facebook, and it accumulated more than one million views.

Check it out up top.

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