Man Honors GF's Late Father With The Most Amazing Marriage Proposal (Video)

I have to admit, I usually don’t care too much about the mass amount of proposal videos that go viral on the Internet.

While some of them are really touching, I find most of them are the exact same things over and over.

However, this video features the most heartwarming proposal I’ve seen in a while, and I’m still fighting back tears.

Tyler and Haylee dated for nearly nine years before Tyler decided it was time to take the next big step in their relationship.

He always planned to ask Haylee's dad for approval before he proposed to her, but her dad passed away before Tyler ever got the chance.

For the next best thing, Tyler asked all three of Haylee’s siblings -- Grant, Zach and Danielle -- for their blessings.

With their approval, Tyler proposed to Haylee in Rome, and obviously, she said “yes.”

Before the viewers get to see the proposal in the video, Tyler reads a letter addressed to Haylee’s dad, Greg, and that’s when I completely lose it.

The letter reads,

I want to be the man who shows her love and patience, and gives her everything she needs, but most importantly, I’ll make you proud to call me your son.

Tyler runs the YouTube channel TribeTyler. The channel logs every single day of his 20s and also features an incredible tribute to Greg.

If you’re due for a good, happy cry, you need to watch this video right now.