Man Uses Today's Technology After Being In Prison For 44 Years (Video)

At 25, Otis Johnson went to prison.

In 1971, Johnson was convicted of attempted murder and would go on to spend the next 44 years of his life in jail.

Now, at the age of 69, Johnson finds himself a free man. But, as he explains in the video above, his newfound freedom comes with its own unique challenges.

When Johnson entered prison, cell phones, computers and many other modern conveniences had yet to be invited. In the video, Johnson explains just how odd it was to leave prison, walk around Times Square and see everyone apparently talking to themselves. Johnson says,

I had seen that everybody, or the majority of the people, were talking to themselves. Then I looked closer and they seemed to have things in their ears.

Johnson adds, at first glance, it looked like everyone had joined the CIA because that was the only experience he had ever had with earbuds.

With little money, no family and no place to go, Johnson connected with a non-profit specializing in helping inmates re-enter society. Now, Johnson says, he spends as much time as he can outside. He says,

Being in society is a good feeling. I like being in the sun and also observing people. It's nice to be free.

Watch Johnson's full story in the video above.