Man Attempts To 'Time Travel' By Driving His Car Through A Wall (Video)

Newsflash: Attempting to time travel by driving your car through a building will most likely result in injury and/or supreme embarrassment. Definitely the latter.

Last week, police in Pensacola, Florida responded to the scene of a car crash after a man drove through the wall of a local shopping center.

The man, who has not been identified, told authorities he had been attempting to “time travel.”

Emanuel Mores, general manager of a (now-destroyed) tax-service office in the shopping center, says the aftermath “looked like a bomb went off.” Three businesses in the center are being forced to move to new offices while the building undergoes repairs.

Miraculously, nobody was injured in the accident. The driver has been charged with reckless driving (and extreme stupidity).

Watch local news coverage of the crash, up top.

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