Man Casually Does A Live Phone Interview While He's Stuck In A Tree (Video)

A Texas man showed no panic as he gave a phone interview while up in a tree after losing his car in a flood.

According to KVUE, Kerry Packer left his home a little after 9 am last Friday and was soon met with the historic flooding happening in Austin.

But as his car was pulled into the current and carried away, Packer managed to climb out of the vehicle and onto a nearby tree, from which he called 911.

Packer's wife apparently called 911 as well before contacting KVUE through its Facebook page.

The stranded driver was then connected to two anchors who had no idea their subject was still awaiting help, Mashable reports.

The shocked anchors asked Packer how he was doing having been in the tree for a long time. He responded,

It's a little cold, but I did Boy Scouts for 20 years, so I know how to keep my energy up and keep warm, so I'm doing fine.

Packed added the flooding was so immense it looked like the tree sprouted out of a lake. He also said his wife was very thankful he "climbed a lot of trees when [he] was a kid."

It wasn't until 2:40 pm that day EMS workers confirmed Packer was out of the tree and unharmed.

The waters that took his car reportedly came from a creek that rose to 25 feet in height as a result of the flooding.

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