Man Shaves 14-Year-Old Beard And His Family's Reaction Is Priceless (Video)

Pre and post-beard Amit (Mook) are two completely different people.

Super-Pharm -- which, based off a Google search, is like the Israeli version of Duane Reade -- sells a six-blade razor that literally transformed this guy from a burly, bearded man who could easily have fought in the real life version of “Braveheart” into a newer, more family-friendly version of himself, who would have no problem at all getting a small business loan from a bank.

The highlight of this video has to be when Amit's dad appears to spend several seconds trying to sell him a porcelain bowl before realizing he's talking to his son.

I’m going to be honest, I kind of liked the beard on Amit. But then again, his children, wife and other loved ones seem to like him without it, so does my opinion really matter?