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Man Sexts Tinder Date Before Deadly Fight: 'I Want To Do Dirty Things To You'

A man said he wanted to do "dirty things" to his Tinder date in a string of sexts before she fell 14 stories from his balcony to her death.

Gable Tostee, 30, sent the explicit messages to Warriena Wright, 26, in the lead up to their date at his apartment in Queensland, Australia, on August 8, 2014.

Wright, originally from New Zealand, was visiting a friend for a wedding when she used the dating app and met Tostee.

In the exchange, Tostee said she looked "delicious," and asked her if she was a "freak in the sheets."

The messages were shown to a jury at Brisbane Supreme Court as part of Tostee's murder trial.

They read like this:

Wright: Lol Hey. Had a few people (think) that's my real name.

Tostee: It is? Gable and Cletus sitting in a tree …

Wright: Sounds good. Lol

Tostee: You look delicious. I want to do dirty things to you.

Wright: That usually work?

Tostee: Haha, not trying to make anything 'work', im just saying. Got a problem with that? :P

Wright: Lol fair enough. I was just asking :P

Tostee: So you're down with that then? Can you be a freak in the sheets Cletes?

Wright: Lol probably not. Depends

Tostee: What does it depend on?

Wright: What ive had to drink! Lol.

Tostee: Lets get drunk together, I'm a pornstar after a few drinks!

Wright: Haha thats great.

Wright: U in gold coast?

Tostee: Yup. You?

Wright: Yeah. Just exploring surfers (Surfers Paradise).

Tostee: Lol. I live in surfers. How long you down for?

Wright: Till Monday.

Tostee: Let's get together then. what's your number by the way?

The couple were captured on CCTV, walking back to Tostee's apartment.

Brisbane Supreme Court

Yesterday, the court was shown photos of the couple. In them, they both appear to be topless.

The pictures were allegedly taken after they had sex.

Tostee enabled an audio recording device on his phone in the three hours leading up to her death. That recording can now be heard in the video above.

He can be heard saying, "You're lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony you God damn psycho bitch," reports the New Zealand Herald.

The recording continues,

You're not going to collect any belongings, you're just going to walk out. If you try to pull anything I'll knock you out, I'll knock you the fuck out - do you understand?

A witness who lives in the apartment underneath Tostee's claims she saw his date falling after she shouted, "No, no, no, please let me go home."

The recording device was still on when Tostee called his dad in the immediate aftermath and told him that they had had sex.

The trial is expected to last all week.