Man Who Sent Racist Texts To 12-Year-Old Girl Gets Destroyed By Her Replies

by Harley Tamplin

A 12-year-old girl brilliantly shot down a man sending her racist texts with a series of hilarious clapbacks.

Gill Turner has revealed how her daughter Millie-Grace, who is autistic, received a string of texts from a classmate's dad after she had an argument with his daughter.

But Dean Sheridan's messages quickly became aggressive and racist, as he called her dad a “raghead” and a “n****r,” while describing himself as “100 percent white and proud.”

But embarrassingly for the 36-year-old, his comments were absolutely torn apart by young Millie-Grace.


She told him, “Sir I think it's time you paid for English lessons,” and “Your grammar is incorrect.”

When he texted her, “Pass my number onto your dad then ill bully him ok ttfn,” she replied, “I would, but he doesn't deal with illiterate people.”


The messages came to light when Millie-Grace, from Manchester, England, asked her mom, Gill, if it was ever okay to call someone a n****r.

After looking through the shocking messages, Gill posted this screenshot on Facebook and informed the police.

She said,

My daughter had been messaging this girl and she had been messaging back, but this man got hold of his daughter's phone and in the space of one day she had received 17 text messages from him. He threatened me and Millie's dad with physical violence. I texted him and said I had saved the messages and that I would be reporting it to the police. I've put up with this kind of racism my whole life but my children haven't developed the skills to brush it off yet. You just don't expect that behavior from a grown adult.

She added Millie-Grace often corrects people's grammar as part of her autistic tendencies.

Dean admitted sending the messages, but claimed he was defending his daughter.

He said she had been “harassed” by fellow school kids, including Millie-Grace.

Greater Manchester Police are looking into the racist texts.

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