This Guy Is Running Over 130 Miles To Find True Love

You know what they say, love don't cost a thing (except, in this case perhaps, a whole lot of exhaustion and maybe a few cramps).

We're talking about 30-year-old Liu Zhongjie, who hails from Chongqing, China.

Liu became just the second person ever to complete a run around Beijing's 6th Ring Road. The run covered a distance of 222.48 kilometers (138.24 miles) and took over 45 hours to complete, according to

But even more impressive is the reported theme of Liu's run: "For belief and for her".

He's quoted by as saying,

Of course, I also hope to meet my sweetheart.

In my book? Absolute genius move here. Pure genius, in fact. Just think about all the other reasons people find to run themselves into the ground. How many marathoners you know have entered a race to "test themselves" or for some other reason that has little to no intrinsic value?

Not Liu. The guy has basically ordered a full page ad in the newspaper offering his services to any lady who's single and ready to mingle, without any of the costs. His run is one big advertisement for himself as a bachelor.

Absolute genius.

Go ahead and get that rest Liu, such great thinking deserves it.

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