Man Caught Raping 4-Year-Old And Torturing Him With Pliers For 'Pleasure'

by Harley Tamplin
West Yorkshire Police/Google

A pedophile who tortured young children ages 3 and 4 and left them badly injured has been jailed for life.

Dean Cardiss must serve at least 11 years behind bars for the string of offenses a judge described as “intelligent and manipulative.”

Leeds Crown Court in England heard he sexually abused a 4-year-old boy, who suffered injuries to his brain and spine when Cardiss attacked him with pliers.

Cardiss is also believed to have attacked the boy with a samurai sword, a horse whip on him and a wooden plank.

The 33-year-old also attacked two young girls, who were ages 3 and 4. He used hair dryers and straighteners to burn the two young girls.

West Yorkshire Police

Prosecutors said Cardiss took “obvious pleasure” in hurting the boy, who appeared “lifeless” when he was taken to Leeds General Infirmary after the attack in 2015.

As well as suffering broken bones in his back, foot and pelvis and head, there was evidence he had been sexually abused.

Doctors said the child would have been in agony when the injuries, which included a branding mark left by a hair dryer, were inflicted.


Addressing the defendant, Judge Guy Kearl said,

The offenses can best be described as you torturing those children. The public needs protecting against you for the foreseeable future.

Cardiss denied any wrongdoing, claiming other people inflicted the injuries, but he was found guilty of wounding with intent, inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault by penetration and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Detective Chief Inspector Warren Stevenson of West Yorkshire Police said,

Cardiss was responsible for inflicting a horrendous catalogue of abuse on the victims, who were vulnerable and defenseless young children. The nature of the injuries he caused to them, particularly to the young boy, indicate that these were systematic and deliberate acts from which he derived some sort of sick satisfaction and sense of power.

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