Desperate Man Flirts With Woman By Ramming Car And Throwing Dog Through Window


Everyone has a unique way of getting the attention of someone they adore.

A man from Florida took an interesting approach and ended up throwing his dog at a woman he found attractive.

I'm serious. He threw his dog at her while she sat in her truck at a stoplight, and as funny as the scenario sounds, it was actually scary AF.

Howard Van Sweringen, 41, was so infatuated by 35-year-old Kristina Fuller he stalked her on the road after the mother left school on February 9 in Lakeland, Florida, The Ledger reports.

Apparently,Van Sweringen noticed Fuller when they were exiting the parking lot and blocked all of the busses so she could get through — a seemingly harmless act of kindness.

Fuller described the scene and said,

This man, who I never saw before in the car line, cuts in front of the school buses, blocking everything, just so I could get out, so I waved and thanked him.

Not before long, the innocent gesture turned into a nightmare because Van Sweringen began following her vehicle at every turn.

His attempt at getting Fuller's attention got even weirder when the duo stopped an intersection. She said he got out of his car, walked up to her truck and threw his dog at her through the front window.

Fuller stated,

He got out of his vehicle, came up to my window and threw his dog on me. I thought it was going to bite me or something, so I tossed the dog back at him. He got back in his vehicle and started hitting my truck, trying to push it into the intersection.

This is not the way to win over a woman, dude.

When she continued to drive, the crazed man followed her and drove over a medium — blocking three lanes of traffic — in order to stay behind her after she made a u-turn.

Fuller was terrified and decided to drive back to the school. She called the secretary to let her know about the situation and requested officers wait for her arrival.

After she arrived, she ran inside to grab an officer and brought him to her car.

When the officer approached him, Van Sweringen was screaming erratically and said he followed her because she wouldn't stop to talk to him after they supposedly "partied all night."

Van Sweringen was arrested and charged of with aggravated battery and trespassing on school grounds.

Commenting on the terrifying scenario, Fuller said,

This is something you see in the movies or on TV. Now, it has happened to me.

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