Man Masturbates With Bottle, Gets Penis Stuck For 4 Days And Then Amputated


Here is a reminder that people actually pleasure themselves with unusual vessels and sometimes the price is HEAVY.

In this case, the price was a penis.

Yep, some guy was going to town on himself with a bottle when it became stuck on his member. But that's not the worse part.

The 50-year-old, from Honduras, kept it on there for so long his penis began to decay. It was only after four days he decided to visit the hospital.

But by that time it was too late -- his penis could not be saved.

Dr Dennis Chirinos gave extraordinary detail about the procedure to HSH Television Digital. Alarmingly, he said it's not the first time this has happened.

He explained,

Speaking of the dangers of pleasuring yourself with a bottle, he continued,

The doctor added,

There is so much to learn from this -- mainly that using your hand to masturbate is probably the way forward.

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