Twin Sisters Say This Man Groped Both Of Them On The Subway – 4 Years Apart

A man has been arrested on suspicion of groping women on subways in New York... and two of them are twins.

The sisters claim they were victims of Ken Jacobson. He groped them both on two separate occasions, four years apart.

The police heard a catalogue of accounts from a number of different women.

One of the latest incidents is alleged to have taken place last month. A 24-year-old woman reported that she was harassed by a man on the 1 train in Manhattan.

She said she was touched on the outside of her thigh.


Days later, another report came in. This time, it was from an 18-year-old. She alleged a man rubbed the inside of her thigh in the Times Square station area.

Luckily, the victim managed to take a photo of her harasser.

When she told her twin sister about the incident, her sister revealed that she too was groped.

The attack took place when she was 13 years old and on the same train, sometime between 2011 and 2012. The description she shared of the man matched that of Jacobson.


The suspect was taken into custody at the Manhattan Special Victims Unit on Monday night.

Jacobson is a freelance photographer living in the Bronx, according to his Facebook page.

In June this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that incidents of sexual assault in New York City subways were up by more than 50 percent, as compared to the year before.

Worryingly, there could be far many more unreported attacks.


After the stats were released, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo sent a letter to MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast, demanding that more be done to enhance the safety of passengers. He wrote,

Effective immediately, I am ordering the MTA to take all steps available to strengthen patrols in the subway system, including the use of more plainclothes officers to crack down on this sort of depraved behavior, and to work directly with the NYPD's Transit Bureau to reassure riders and enforce the rule of law in light of these disturbing statistics.