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This Guy Was Reportedly Masturbating To Porn When He Died In A Car Crash

A man was allegedly watching porn on his cellphone when he was ejected through his sunroof and killed in a highway crash.

According to Daily Mail, 58-year-old Clifford Ray Jones lost control of his 1996 Toyota as he drove onto Interstate 75 in Detroit at 3:30 am on Sunday.

Jones was reportedly not wearing his seatbelt or any pants.

The vehicle rolled over, partially ejecting Jones through the sunroof.

Jones died at the scene.

Lt. Mike Shaw of the Michigan State Police said this was easily the strangest cause of a tragic accident he ever saw.

He reportedly said,

We see people putting on makeup, we see people doing different things as far as hygiene, as far as reading books, it's almost to the fact there's so much technology out there a lot of people are more paying attention to what they're doing other than driving their cars.

No other vehicles were struck by the rolling Toyota.

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