German Man Is Bricked Inside His Own Home, Police Compare It To 'Berlin Wall'


On a totally normal day, a German man went to leave his home.

Except when he opened his front door, he was greeted by a brand new brick wall.

Whoever bricked the man inside his home is still unidentified. The wall was erected in the darkness of night, according to police.

While a wall like it could be built in minutes, no one knows why it was built.

Perhaps someone was particularly inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado?"


You know this story: A drunk clown thinks he's going to his buddy's house -- a buddy who insists he isn't mad at him -- for some vintage wine. Then, he's bricked up in his basement because the guy dressed as jester may have insulted him once or twice.

Damage to the property is estimated to cost around $520, and police are searching for the vandals.

A police spokesman told the local Hessenshau news,

It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall. That went up pretty quick too.

The police say this is a crime and not a joke.

But, like, how hilarious would it be if you did this to your drunk friend?

Help them get home safe and sound, of course, but then get a bunch of brick and board up their front door. It seems like a pretty legit prank to me, as long as you don't take it where Poe took it and end up killing your own Fortunato.

Fortunato means "lucky," and he was so not lucky.

Jokes aside, you can't just deal with all your problems by shutting a person up with a brick wall.

As tempting as it is, there are serious repercussions should you get caught with your hand on the trowel and cement caked onto your finest revenge gown. Take it from someone who knows.

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