Super Bowl 2022
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Biden’s Invite To The Super Bowl Winners Included A Funny Guest

I wonder if they put any money on the game?

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It’s official — on Feb. 13, the Los Angeles Rams jammed their way into the 2022 Super Bowl winner’s circle with a 23-20 point lead against the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, festivities are in order, and America’s top football team is gearing up for a big celebration. So, will the Rams go to the White House? This invite from President Joe Biden is actually pretty cute.

The Rams claimed victory after a thrilling Feb. 13 win during the NFL’s showpiece Super Bowl Sunday special. “Congrats to the @RamsNFL on your Super Bowl victory,” Biden wrote in a Feb. 13 tweet after the victory. The president’s post also included a little wink at Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, who is from California and supported the Rams: “I look forward to having you at the White House. What do you say, @SecondGentleman?” Biden added. Emhoff himself was quick to respond: “I’ll see you there, @POTUS,” he wrote.

Even better was the response from the official Rams Twitter account, which replied via an all-caps retweet: “TELL US WHEN AND WE’RE THERE!” It doesn’t look like there’s a date set yet, but I think it’s safe to say that once calendars are compared, this party is happening.

Ahead of the game, Biden was measured when asked who he was supporting in the Super Bowl. In a Feb. 10 interview with Lester Holt of NBC News, he said, “I love this young quarterback from Cincinnati,” referring to Bengals player Joe Burrow. “He’s an Ohio boy, he can make everybody happy. But we also have some, I think Los Angeles is going to be hard to beat,” he added. Well, you can’t win ‘em all, Mr. President.

Taking a trip to the White House after winning a huge sports competition has been a long-standing American tradition, but it didn’t start with football. As far back as 1865, victorious sports teams have been visiting White House grounds to be honored for coming out on top, including the Cincinnati Red Stockings baseball team in 1869 and the Boston Celtics basketball team in 1963. In fact, the first Super Bowl champions to visit the White House didn’t do so until the Pittsburgh Steelers nabbed the title in 1980, when President Ronald Reagan held office.

So while the Super Bowl is one of America’s most notable sports competitions today, it took a while for victors to be recognized by the White House. But for the Rams, it doesn’t look like Biden is missing a beat on taking the time to congratulate their victory.