Forget Gang Violence And Personal Finances, Angelenos Only Worry About Traffic

Los Angeles is a pretty chill place.

As those Visit California commercials will tell you, we have board meetings on actual surfboards, we are all friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger, go to Disneyland all day and spend our entire lives at the beach.

Sure, Angelenos have a reputation of not really caring about the serious stuff, and yeah, it's probably well-deserved, but there is one thing we worry about more than any other problem facing this city.

Traffic. The motherf*cking traffic.

Let me fill you in on something: Traffic in Los Angeles is no joke.

People have entire routines dedicated to traffic. It is always the first thing brought up in a conversation. It's not even about making small talk; it's real life.

So it's no surprise the findings of a recent Los Angeles Times poll indicated traffic is the city's number one concern  —  more so than economics, housing and even gang violence.

The newspaper, in conjunction with USC Dornsife and California Community Foundation, surveyed 1,500 Angelenos about their biggest worries.

A majority 55 percent said traffic is their top concern while 35 percent said they are most concerned for their own physical safety or the safety of their loved ones. Only 31 percent said they are worried about their financial future.

So it looks like we really have our sh*t together, LA. Good for us. Check out the entire poll at the LA Times.

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