This Man Was So Loved His Wife And Girlfriend Both Got Obituaries For Him

Even though this New Jersey man died, the two obituaries printed after his death prove he truly lived. According to NBC News, Leroy Black died at the age of 55 on Tuesday, and apparently, the man's wife and girlfriend both submitted obituaries to the Press of Atlantic City in the event of his death.

The one from the man's wife published his name as Leroy Bill Black, while the one seemingly from Black's girlfriend published his name as Leroy "Blast" Black. Both obituaries coincidentally used the exact some photo of Black, too.

The obituary from Black's wife reads,

The obituary seemingly from Black's girlfriend says,

It's strange because the the first halves of the obituaries are totally different, but the second halves are word-for-word identical.

The first obituary mentions how Black died surrounded by family and mentions his wife, Bearetta, and the second obituary completely omits both of those pieces of information and mentions how he's survived by a bunch of family and his long-term girlfriend, Princess Hall.

Well, it seems the only thing that's clear from the two obituaries is when the funeral service will be held, and it will be held on Sunday, August 7 at Greenidge Funeral Homes in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Rest in peace, Leroy, you player you.

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