Instagram's Latest Update Totally Makes Up For The Horrible New Algorithm

I was ready; I was going to leave Instagram (OK, not exactly leave, but not exactly use it regularly, either).

After Instagram said it was coming out with a new algorithm for its feed, I just didn't see the point. I already have Facebook, which sorts my photos and news algorithmically, so why couldn't I have an app that sorts photos based on time?

From my perspective, changing Instagram's feed to an algorithm just reeked of corporate influence. Basically, it's a lot easier when things are run by an algorithm to guarantee a sponsor's or advertiser's posts will be seen by however many people.

BUT, Instagram must have heard my grumbling because it just released an update for the iPhone app that, at least, makes Instagram easier to use than ever.

Apparently, the new iPhone update lets users share pictures directly from the Photos app, just like they can do with Facebook and Twitter! According to Teen Vogue, you just have to open the app you used to take the picture, hit the old share button, then hit the Instagram button and, voilà, you just uploaded a terrible photo with minimal effort!

No longer will you have to agonize over which filter to use or how to crop your photo or what settings need to be adjusted, if any.

I'm still mad about the algorithm, Instagram, but if you won't appeal to my reasonable side, I'm glad you're appealing to my lazy side.

Welcome to the future of two-touch photo sharing.

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