Sassy Reporter Yelling 'Thanks A Lot, Bitch!' Was The Real MVP Of The Debate


Look, I don't know if you watched Monday night's presidential debate, but shit got HEATED.

You had Donald Trump cutting Hillary Clinton off like a six-year-old child, Hillary doing shoulder shimmys like Allen Iverson in the fourth quarter and Lester Holt -- well, I honestly forgot Lester Holt was there for most of the debate.

If you were following along on Snapchat and Twitter in the hours and minutes leading up to the actual debate, you saw that Hofstra University looked more like a political battlefield than a college campus.

You want proof of that?

Take a look at this viral video of a reporter turning around to another woman eagerly trying to get an interview and saying, "Thanks a lot, bitch!"

The woman who captured the hearts of everyone who had to sit through last night's shit show is Al Jazeera English reporter Kimberly Halkett.

According to reports, Halkett was trying to speak with Mark Cuban in the lead up to the debate, but the pushy woman behind her clearly ruined it for everyone.

Hey, if reporting is your livelihood and one individual is fucking you over, you best believe that person is getting clapped back at.

Obviously, Twitter caught wind of Kimberly Halkett's statement and instantly fell in love with her heated comeback.

Kimberly Halkett got the internet hyped for a wild night by getting real ratchet, real quick.

I mean, Halkett did pretty much sum up how we all feel about this year.


Her words are literally a better candidate than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.


Unfortunately, Hillary didn't end the debate by taking a page from Kimberly Halkett's playbook.


Same, Mike. Same.


I don't think anyone was expecting such a savage response from Halkett, but we're all better off for it.


Kimberly Halkett, you're the real MVP, and you definitely won the first presidential debate.

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