American Kids Have Hilarious Reactions To Other Countries' School Lunches (Video)

Although some see children as blank slates, ready to be molded by the precious gifts of educations and experiences, Cut Video's "American Kids Try School Lunches from Around the World" teaches us they are actually more like tiny, hyper-opinionated elderly people.

One youngster starts at a major disadvantage by not liking cheese, soup, noodles and likely a large number of other super nomtastic foods, but most of the other kids seem willing to open up and try all of the lunches placed before them in the hopes of stumbling upon delicious surprises.

Of the countries sampled, France is a big hit, and India gets no love.

While tasting a typical Swedish lunch, one kid expertly sums up my personal philosophy on healthy food, saying,

A bunch of carrots filled with raisins? No, thank you.

Yeah, f*ck those shredded carrots. Bring back that 900-calorie cookie from Afghanistan, please.

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