8-Year-Old Boy With Life-Threatening Cancer Finds His First True Love (Video)

An 8-year-old cancer patient found one of the greatest joys in life despite his tragically limited time alive.

Virginia's David Spisak, Jr was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2 and since underwent two transplants, as well as chemotherapy, to get rid of his cancer three times, according to ABC News.

He received a fourth diagnosis in March, however, sending the wheelchair-bound Chesapeake boy back to the hospital for extensive treatment so he wouldn't die in a matter of weeks.

David seemed to be exceptionally healthy a few months after the diagnosis, so his parents took this opportunity to let their son go back to his friends at school.

He started in September and soon developed a crush on 7-year-old Ayla, a girl in his class.

The need for treatment eventually forced David to withdraw from school, but the young girl could not forget him.

She reportedly sent David several letters giving him her phone number, and other letters from David's classmates told him Ayla's feelings were real.

David's mother, Amber, told ABC News,

That's where we sort of put together that this was something more. He's a typical boy, it really took us off guard; he said, 'Actually, she's kind of like the real Snow White because she's so kind, especially to me because she loves me.

Amber Spisak, along with Ayla's mother, organized a date where David proved to be a true gentleman.

He called Ayla to ask her out and greeted her with a teddy bear and flowers when she met him at a bowling alley. Ayla helped David move bowling balls and pushed his wheelchair for him.

The second grader felt so confident around Ayla, he got out of his wheelchair, stood up and bowled at least once.

Amber said,

We were all so taken aback by their bond, their connection there… They stayed together the entire time. His dad and I kept trying to stay close behind him to make sure he wouldn't fall, but he kept trying to be with her and taking her help. It was so natural, there was no hesitation from neither one of them. They just wanted to be together.

David's date culminated in the way every young man dreams: Ayla gave him his first kiss.

Amber Spisak never believed her son would find a girlfriend in his short life, she said, but she is now forever grateful David is experiencing the incomparable joy of a genuine, romantic connection.

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