This Jumping Shark Is All Of Our Worst Nightmares

by Talia Koren
Raymond Forbes LLC

Summer is prime fishing time. You can get out on the water with a bunch of friends and beers, kick back and see what you catch.

Normally, it's other people crowding the waters, but for these Australians, it was a curious shark with hidden talents.

Jake Beazley, a 19-year-old photographer and fisherman took some of his friends out for a day of fishing south of Perth, Australia on Thursday when they encountered what they believed to be a mako shark.

Beazley and his friends didn't really have much luck with fish until around noon and that's when this shark turned up.

The shark obviously just wanted to hang out.

Everything seemed fine until the shark started biting the propeller of the boat.

I mean, those guys probably knew this, but mako sharks are one of the fastest breeds on Earth and are known for being territorial. It's probably a good idea to not piss one off.

From here it actually seems harmless.



Yup. That shark just launched itself out of the water, scaring the shit out of these guys.

Beazley posted the full clip on Facebook. In the video, you can even hear one of the guys on the boat say to back away from the edge right before the shark jumped.

It's amazing that they were able to catch footage of this. For the record, there's a very low chance of getting attacked by a shark jumping out of the water. But after their shark friend pulled this stunt, the guys hightailed it out of there.

You can see the full video below, complete with awesome Australian accents.

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