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This Guy Beat Up His Wife's Cat Because She Gave It More Attention

Ever had a jealous boyfriend? What did he do? Read your texts? Get annoyed about that one guy from work you would always hang out with? Not let you hang out with your ex? Beat your cat to death?

Oh wait, what? He didn't kill your cat? Oh yeah, that's right, that might just be this guy.

Cat ladies, beware. A man named Norman Wilson, from Crawley in the UK, beat a little itty bitty 11-week-old kitten to death because he was jealous of how much attention it was getting from his wife.

But it gets worse.

The 48-year-old man became jealous of the little kitten, named Tiny Tim, while he was caring for his wheelchair-bound wife, Carrone. Yes, that's right. WHEELCHAIR-BOUND.

According to reports made to Brighton Magistrates' Court, "the kitten suffered injuries worse than falling from the third floor of a building." And what happened to the little kitten? RSPCA, an animal charity, had to put it down due to the severity of its injuries.

Wilson told his probation officers, "Humans are more important than cats so I don't care."

And this isn't the first time any sort of (not so) funny business has happened with cats living in the Wilsons' home. David Buck, prosecuting for the RSPCA, stated, "Over the time Mr and Mrs Wilson were married there were 10 cases of cats suffering from unexplained injuries or illnesses, traumatic head injuries or poisoning leading to their deaths or euthanasia."

The had one cat, named Lightning, that reportedly died from "suspected antifreeze poisoning." Another two cats had kidney failure that was due to suspected poisoning. And that's not even including the seven other cats that had "severe traumatic injuries."

Hmm... coincidence? I think not.

On the bright side, it looks like Mr. Wilson's life is really falling apart as a result of his creepy weird actions. Not only was he given a 10-week suspended sentence in court in Brighton, but him and his wife have split up since the incident.

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