Desperate Woman Faked Getting Kidnapped To See If Boyfriend 'Cared About Her'

Lake County Sheriff's Office

We've all done some crazy shit in our lifetimes in order to grab the attention of our significant others. But we've (probably) never done anything that could put us in jail.

Alas, Janet Elena Brooks from Clermont, Florida, took "attention grabbing" to the next level. She one-upped all of us by pretending she was kidnapped.

According to the Daily Commercial, the desperate lover told officers at her local sheriff's office a long, made-up narrative on Saturday about her supposed "abduction."

All this was just so she could grab the attention of her boyfriend.

She claimed that she was taken from her apartment complex by a man who held her at gun point, forced her into the trunk of his car and left her at the Polk County dog park.

How in the world does one even come up with a story this elaborate?! And what makes her boyfriend so damn worthy of such a risky lie?

Brooks was almost in the clear. But then, she was confronted by deputies after they noticed something rather peculiar on the surveillance cameras outside her apartment building.

Apparently, the footage showed Brooks walking out of her apartment building on foot -- completely unharmed -- in the direction she claimed she had been kidnapped.

Once she was confronted about the lie, she admitted to making the entire story up. She said that her friend ended up dropping her off at the dog park, even though she claimed that she had been dropped off by a criminal.

Lake County Sheriff's Office

Why, though?

According to the Palm Beach Post, Brooks felt the need to fake her kidnapping because she believed another woman was interested in her man. That definitely calls for a false kidnapping, right?

Uh... not typically.

When she was asked about the reasons why she lied to the police, she said she "just wanted to see if [her boyfriend] truly cared about her."

It looks like the odds weren't in her favor because she was charged with filing a false report with law enforcement.

Next time, try something a little easier, Janet.

Sporting tickets, maybe? That seems safe and legal.