Reporter Gets Stabbed While Giving Demonstration Of A Protective Vest (Video)

An Israeli reporter was accidentally stabbed during a demonstration of a vest designed to protect against knife attacks.

According to The Guardian, Eitam Lachover of Israeli Channel 1 news put on the vest as he reported on the company that designed it.

Yaniv Montakyo, a vice president of this company, then produced a huge, steel knife and promised Lachover he would not be hurt after Montakyo stabbed him in the back.

Montakyo reportedly told Lachover,

You have nothing to worry about, we are very confident in our product. This product can protect from knives that are stronger than this one. Don't be afraid -- if something happens, I'm here.

This particular knife, Montakyo said, is used by the militaries of numerous countries, the Independent reports.

Lachover appeared to be fine after five stabs, but the sixth stab made him wince.

Montakyo exclaimed he "missed" as the news station cut back to its studio.

Montakyo later told Israeli Channel 2 he stabbed Lachover in a spot where there was less protective material, noting this did not occur in an earlier take.

Lachover reportedly wrote on Twitter his minor injury required "some stitches," but he said he was "released back home" shortly after.

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