The iPhone Has A Secret One-Handed Keyboard Feature

Thought you were the iPhone hack hero, hm? The big dawg, the supremo.


Forget everything you've ever learned about iPhone secrets and shortcuts because this one will blow those tricks out of the water.

And it's not some special feature that's only arrived on the latest iOS 10 -- this hack's been around since iOS 8.

It's a secret keyboard you've probably never seen before.

Twitter user and self-confessed hacker,"Steve T-S," across it by swiping from one side of the keyboard to the other.



The larger keyboard is for reachability and was designed to be used one-handed.

It includes options to cut, copy and paste.


Because it was rolled out on the iOS 8 update, it suggests the feature was being tested for the iPhone 6 models.

However, you might struggle to find it on your new iPhone, as Apple never took the feature forward as a permanent fixture.

Website 9 To 5 Mac reports Apple regularly tests features that aren't always rolled out. It did speculate we could see it on the iOS 11 update.

Still, trying to find this feature on your iPhone 7 may distract you from all the real issues Apple users are coping with right now.

The latest problem relates to the home button.

Apple's new haptic feedback system keeps failing on a number of people.

People have been complaining about the fault on Twitter, but thankfully the phone gives you a backup:

It turns out the staff over at the tech firm have used their big, juicy brains to come up with a temporary home button. It appears as a little white dot at the bottom of the screen, and it's part of the iOS 10 upgrade.

The workaround will get enabled when a message pops up that reads,

The Home button may need service. In the meantime, you can use the onscreen Home button below.

Thanks, Apple, I guess.

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