WTF? Instagram Banned Its Users From Posting #Goddess But Not #God

In the wake of Instagram's highly controversial ban and subsequent lift on the term #curvy, the social media platform went ahead and stirred the pot once again, this time banning #goddess.

Instagram execs have yet to comment on the reasoning for this strange ban, which does not extend to include #God. Apparently, only the female Gods matter here.

In the past, the photo-sharing app banned several terms and even the eggplant emoji in an attempt to crack down on content violating user guidelines (specifically, nudity).

But as Refinery29 reports, a search of the hashtag #goddesses yields little to no inappropriate content; rather, it's mostly body-positive photos of women as well as religious or spiritual images.

Recently, Instagram bagged #curvy from the user search function, resulting in a veritable uproar among female users.

Three days ago, the social media platform reinstated the tag, opting instead to curate what comes up when users search for images tagged #curvy.

Users are finding ways to get around the latest ban by adding emoji, other words or simply by switching #goddess to #goddesses.

Still, many are calling for Instagram to reinstate the hashtag... it's neither offensive nor associated with nudity in any real capacity.

Users are sharing photos with the hashtag #BringBackTheGoddess... protest the newest act of gender-oriented censorship.

For now, execs at the social media site are keeping mum.

But, we'll update with any news as it comes.

Hey Instagram, #BringBackTheGoddess.

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