Ikea Renamed Products After Google Searches About Love

If you've hit a bump or two in your romantic relationship, Ikea has your back.

The witty furniture company recently replaced the names of common household items with popular Google searches about our love lives, and it's basically the best marketing technique we've ever seen.

Seriously, a quick browse through their newly named products will make you want to pull out your wallet and completely revamp your relationship.

The options are endless.


According to Adweek, a Swedish agency called Åkestam Holst took "retail therapy" to the next level by applying frequently Googled questions about relationships to products that can help you solve them.

I mean, c'mon, who needs a therapist post-breakup when you have Ikea?!

Apparently, the company focused on SEO Google searches in Sweden about problems people faced in their relationships and applied them to the products.

All we can say is "thank you," because these items provide all the answers to our romantic needs.

"How to Keep a Girlfriend"

Buy her a damn flower, bro!


"How To Get a Girl To Like You"

Cook for her and she'll do anything you ask.


"Splitting Expenses With Your Partner"

Get an abacus and even that shit out.


"How to Get Over Someone"

Tissues, babe. Lots and lots of tissues.


"My Partner Annoys Me"

A desk with a divider. Perfect.


"How To Say I'm Not Interested"

Garlic for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


"Spending The Night At Boyfriend's Place"

Pack up, and don't forget your tooth brush.


"Find A Way Back To Each Other"

Get a freakin' map and hit the road.


"How To Know If He Is Interested"

Breakfast in bed = the key to true romance.


"I Need More Men In My Life"

Start surrounding yourself with pics of your favorite dudes.


"How To Talk To Girls"

Sit down in a chair... and start talking.


"She Gives Me Mixed Signals"

Bunk beds because sometimes we're not in the mood to cuddle.


I don't know about you, but I find it super comforting to know I'm not the only single chick out there Googling questions about my love life.

I mean, damn, I think Ikea's next endeavor should be creating a dating app because they obviously know more about our love lives than we do.