Couple Says 'I Love You' For First Time Ever After 67 Years Of Marriage

by Harley Tamplin

Today is February 15, and if you think your Valentine's Day was a success, well, congratulations to you.

Whether you're single and took the time to do something you enjoy, hung out with your slam piece or had a romantic evening with the SO, nice job if you came out of it feeling good.

However, I'm here to tell you that your V Day was a failure. It failed because you're not Qiao Dewei or Liu Shixiu, who had probably the most romantic Valentine's Day anyone has ever had, ever.

You see, the Chinese couple has been married for 67 years, and though Qiao and Liu are in their 80s, Qiao has never told his wife he loves her... until February 14, 2017, Sina reported.

Yep, it's true.

Qiao arranged for a skyscraper to be lit up with “I <3 u” before planting a smacker on his wife, who was wearing a wedding dress for the first time.

HE LIT UP A SKYSCRAPER. That's some Ted Mosby shit (except completely cute and not creepy at all).

Granted, the marriage of Qiao, 84, and Liu, 83, has been shockingly unromantic if he couldn't squeeze out those three little words.

I recognize feelings are weird, confusing and can be hard to express, but dude, come on!

There's being guarded and worried you're going to make things awkward by telling someone too soon... and then there's this.

But on the couple's big night, Qiao put on a suit and pulled out all the stops, taking his lady to the Hangzhou Grand Metropolitan Hotel, where it was lit up just for her.

And to prove the surprise was for her, Qiao did something he should have done about 67 years ago: told her he loved her.

If that's not enough to bring joy to your cold, cold heart, I don't know what to do.

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