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Very Chill Dude Rides Out Hurricane Matthew On Lounge Chair In Middle Of Ocean

If you've ever lived anywhere that's been hit by a hurricane, you know most people get through it by staying inside, keeping as dry as possible and desperately hoping the power doesn't go out.

But a man in North Carolina is clearly not like most people. He decided to ride out Hurricane Matthew by sitting on a lounge chair in the middle of the ocean.

Yeah, we don't know why anyone would voluntarily do that, either.

Richard Neal and his fiancee own the Frying Pan Tower, an abandoned Coast Guard tower he bought off the government. It's located about 34 miles off the North Carolina coast.

The tower, which Neal rents out as a vacation home, stands about 100 feet above water and offers a pretty nice view when the weather cooperates -- AKA when there isn't a hurricane.

But bad weather didn't stop Neal from heading onto the roof of the tower with a lounge chair.

His attempt to sunbathe during the storm was caught on video.

Speaking with AP, Neal seemed to argue the stability of the tower made what he did relatively safe, saying,

I can honestly say that this is a solid old beast. We are getting some amazingly huge waves that make it shake and tremor. But steel is amazingly tough.

Does this make anyone else immediately think of Lieutenant Dan from "Forrest Gump"?

Neal also said he made a conscious decision to stay at the tower for the storm. He even told the Coast Guard he knew he'd be on his own if anything happened to the tower during the hurricane.

As for his fiancee, Neal said,

You know she really must love me if she came out with me.

People definitely do crazy things for love, and apparently they'll do even crazier things to sunbathe?

We're just happy this couple survived, given Hurricane Matthew reportedly killed at least 34 people in the US.

And besides, who are we to judge? You do you, Richard Neal.

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