Massive Humpback Whale Jumps Out Of Water And Lands Right On Kayakers (Video)

There's a famous scene in "Free Willy" where the whale leaps to freedom over the head of his best human friend, Jesse, and does not crush him flat with his massive, slippery body.

Unfortunately for two California kayakers who experienced the same magical moment on Saturday, it appears humpback whales are not as precise in their leaps as orcas.

In a video taken by a passenger on a nearby Sanctuary Cruises boat, the whale leaps out of the water and appears to land smack on top of the kayak.

The two kayakers survived the incident, which occurred near Monterey Bay's Moss Landing Harbor.

In an interview with local news station KSBW, the cruise's captain, Michael Sack, explained there was a giant pod of whales feeding in the area.

Following the incident, Sack wrote on the company's website,

Kayak whale watching can be extremely dangerous. And one should realize that humpback whales are wild animals and totally unpredictable. It's a very uncontrolled environment out there. Just like any wilderness experience.

Check out the full video for a front-row seat to pure whale terror, and click here for a backup reason to never go near the water ever again.

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