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You can now translate text in your Instagram Stories into over 90 languages.

You Can Now Translate Instagram Stories Written In Different Languages

More than 90 different languages are supported.

Courtesy of Instagram

Just months after Instagram launched its auto captions feature, ‘Gram users around the world now have a new tool to help them better communicate and connect with each other. As of on Wednesday, July 21, you can translate any text in Instagram Stories — and the feature currently boasts more than 90 different languages. Here’s how to translate Instagram Stories so you can remove the language barriers when browsing content.

Instagram officially rolled out the global update on July 21 to both iOS and Android users, meaning everyone should be able to use the feature to translate any text into one of the more than 90 languages that are supported. This update comes after Instagram launched an auto captions Story feature to automatically translate any spoken words into text in May 2021, and this translation feature is a welcome one. Translations in Instagram Stories is one more way of making the app (and the content on it) more accessible to users from around the world. By removing the language barrier element, you can now better understand and connect with content on Stories that might have been inaccessible before.

Ready to try the feature out for yourself? When you’re watching someone’s Story, Instagram will automatically detect if any text is a different language than the one you have set as your default. You can change it at any time by tapping the three horizontal lines located in the top right of your Profile, selecting “Settings,” scrolling down and tapping “Account,” then selecting “Language.” Here’s how to translate Instagram Stories with the tap of a finger.

  1. If Instagram detects the text is in a foreign language from your primary language, you’ll see a banner pop up that says “See Translation” in the upper left corner.
  2. Simply tap that message, and a translation will come up for the text that’s on that Story post.
Courtesy of Instagram

Translations are not available for audio at this time, meaning you’ll also need to type your words out if you want your followers to have the option of translating the text. Also, keep in mind that this feature only translates still text (or text animation) that was typed using the text tool, so it isn’t compatible with the “automatic captions” sticker Instagram recently rolled out.

Additionally, if there are multiple Story posts that have text in another language, you’ll need to tap "See Translation" each time to view a translation. However, there’s no limit to how many words or characters can be translated in one text caption.

The feature should be available to all users around the world at launch on July 21, so make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Instagram and try it out for yourself.