Here's how to post Instagram photos from your computer or desktop.

Instagram Has Finally Made It Possible For You To Post Photos From Your Desktop

App no longer required.

by Daffany Chan
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Instagram fans, listen up, because there’s a new way to post to your feed that’ll make sharing your favorite memories so much easier. Instagram finally dropped its new desktop feature, giving you the ability to upload photos and videos from your computer or desktop rather than having to open the app on your phone. If you’re ready to take your IG game to the next level with just a few taps on your browser, here’s how to post Instagram photos from your computer or desktop.

Instagram launched the new Feed Creation on IG Desktop Web feature globally on Oct. 21, giving users across the world an additional way to upload to their feed, per a press release from the company. Posting through a desktop browser has been a long-awaited feature for IG users, because there are certainly times when uploading photos or videos can be more convenient when you’re using your laptop or desktop. Prior to the update, you could only check your feed, notifications, and messages when accessing IG on your browser, but not upload any new photos or videos to your grid or stories.

Using the new Feed Creation for IG Desktop Web feature is super simple. Just head to on your desktop browser and then tap the “+” button in the top right banner, which is right between the icons for messaging and Explore. A “Create new post” screen will then pop-up, and you have the option of either dragging the photos or videos you’d like to upload or clicking “Select from computer” to access your files. After you’ve uploaded the media you’d like to share, you can edit them just like you do on the app using the crop tool, filters, or adjustments. Finally, add your caption, location, and tags, before selecting “Share” to post to your feed and broadcast to your BFFs.

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Along with the new desktop feature, you’ll also want to check out Instagram’s other recent launches, including Collabs, which allows you to invite another IG account to co-author a post or Reel so that it posts on each user’s feed. There’s also the new Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics, which spice up your Reels with on-screen lyrics. The brand is also testing Fundraiser Prompts, which will show up under the creation button (the “+” in the right corner), to give users the ability to add a fundraiser to a feed post.

Now that you know how to post Instagram photos from your computer or desktop, you can skip the app when you’re looking to share.

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