Here's how to play Quordle for four Wordle-like games at once.

Quordle Is Like Wordle On Steroids, So Here's How To Play If You Want A Challenge

Think you can solve four Wordles at once?

by Daffany Chan
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If you feel like Wordle is getting a bit to easy for you, there’s a new twist on the daily game that’s perfect if you’re looking to take on a challenge. Quordle is already getting plenty of buzz for its wild twist — it’s just like Worldle, but on steroids. Yep, you heard that right: you’ll have to solve not just one, but four puzzles at once. If you’re ready to test your skills, here’s how to play Quordle.

If you’re a seasoned Wordle player, you may be on the search for some harder puzzles. Thankfully, you can spice things up a notch with the latest viral game taking the internet: Quordle. It’s super similar to Wordle, because you also have the task of solving a five-letter word puzzle every day within a limited number of guesses. In Quordle, however, you’ll have to correctly guess four words during one play — unlike Wordle’s one word per play.

To get started, head to on your browser (BTW, it’s not available as an app). The game is totally free like Wordle, so anyone can take a stab at the challenge. You’ll see four different word puzzles everyday displayed in quadrants, and you’ll have nine guesses in total to solve all the puzzles, since it’s definitely going to take a few more guesses to get them all at once.

You’ll use Quordle’s virtual keyboard to make a guess. Each guess needs to be a valid five letter word. The guess will then show up in all four puzzles at once, so you’ll have a chance of solving every puzzle with each guess. Once you think you’ve got the correct word, hit the enter button to see how close your guess was. The color of the tiles on the puzzle will change to show you what you got right or wrong in your answer: Green indicates that the letters are in the correct spot, yellow means that the letters are in the word but in the incorrect spot, and gray reveals that the letters are not in the word at all.

If you aren’t able to correctly guess all four words during one play — don’t fret. Just like Wordle, you’ll be shown a new puzzle game daily, so you can give it a shot again tomorrow.

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