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Create Rainbow Text On Instagram Story With This Little-Known Hack

Monochrome text is so 2020.

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Instagram Story has no shortage of features to make your text pop with different fonts, colors, and even animation. However, one trick for coloring your Instagram Story text with all the hues of the rainbow is a little more under-the-radar for most ‘Gram users. Here’s how to do rainbow text on Instagram Story.

Get ready to swap out your boring, one-tone text for a whole spectrum of different colors, thanks to this Instagram Story hack that’s all about dexterity. While the ability to change the color of text on your Instagram Story has technically been around since September 2017, there’s no one button that’ll magically create multi-colored writing on your Story posts or on Instagram Live. Instead, to paint your text in a rainbow-inspired gradient, you’ll need follow these steps to brighten up your Instagram Story post.

  1. Go to your Instagram Story camera and either take or upload a photo or video to post on your Story.
  2. Next, tap the text button located at the top of the screen (the “Aa” icon that’s located all the way to the right). Type a phrase of your choice.
  3. Tap on the text you just typed until you see a pop-up that says “Select” or “Select All.” Pick “Select All.” (You may have to try a few times before you get it.)
  4. Keeping your text selected, tap on the color wheel that’s located at the top of the screen.
  5. You’ll see a lineup of color option bubbles at the bottom of your Story screen. Tap one, and watch as your text transforms into that color.
  6. With one finger, hold down on the color circle until you see a color spectrum. Your text will change as your move across the spectrum. (Keep in mind the spectrum will be whatever color bubbles are near the one you selected, so take a look at your options before you get started.)
  7. Now, this is the hard part. With another finger, start slowly moving the right-most text selector (the blue line that located next to your selected text) to the left while you simultaneously move your other finger left across the color spectrum.
  8. The result? As you move across the letters and the color spectrum at the same time, you should see individual letters take on different color tones.
  9. Once you’re satisfied with the results, tap “Done.”

Keep in mind that this is a little tougher to do than it sounds, so it might take you a few tries before you’re simultaneously selecting the individual letters and colors you want. If it’s too hard to do with two fingers on one hand simultaneously, consider using two hands to get it down. It might not be the easiest hack Instagram Story hack out there, but the colorful results make the extra steps well worth the effort.

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