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Apparently, Dinosaurs Were Considered Sexy If They Had This One Trait


Researchers now believe dinosaurs with large horns and frills didn't just use them to fight or scare predators.

According to The Washington Post, scientists from Queen Mary University of London determined these "exaggerated" features were likely used to attract the opposite sex.

The team arrived at this conclusion after studying the fossils of 37 Protoceratops andrewsi, which look a lot like the triceratops only without the three horns.

As these dinosaurs got older, their frills grew larger to the point where they were no longer proportionate to their bodies.

According to the study, this suggests the frills were the most useful when the dinosaurs reached adulthood -- when it was time to find mates.

In a press release, lead author David Hone said,

Paleontologist Andrew Farke of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology in California proposed another age-related purpose for the frills.

He told LiveScience these features may also have been used to show seniority and create order.

Farke said,

Study co-author Rob Knell, however, noted the unique appearances of many awe-inspiring animals were shaped by their evolved abilities to find mates.

According to Knell, these physical features are sometimes the key in the emergence of new species.

This research was originally published in the journal Palaeontologia Electronica.

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