This Homeless Man Is Getting So Much Money For Identifying Escaped Inmates

by Kate Ryan

One homeless man from San Francisco may not be homeless much longer, thanks to his work identifying two inmates who escaped from prison. He'll be rewarded a hefty $100,000 for helping the police.

When the man, Matthew Hay-Chapman, saw photographs of the escapees on the news and later recognized them driving a stolen van, he immediately reached out to police. The fugitives had busted out of Orange County Jail just six days before, prompting authorities to launch a state-wide manhunt.

Of the $150,000 reward for spotting the inmates, Hay-Chapman will receive the largest share out of four people who helped police. Of the remaining $50,000, two Target employees will receive $15,000 each for providing police with surveillance footage. The Los Angeles resident whose van was stolen by the inmates will get $20,000.

Surprisingly, the cab driver who was held hostage by the escapees for an entire week will receive nothing. Not sure how that works out, but hey, at least they have the jailbirds in custody... for now.

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