Hikers Claim They May Have Caught Bigfoot On Camera In Creepy Footage


You know Bigfoot, right? Hairy man beast and all-around mountainous badass.

Well, hikers claim to have spotted the legend in rural Indonesia, which is a tad skeptical, because sightings usually come from North America.

And guess what else is a bit off about this footage? YES! It's shaky and blurry and shot from a distance too far to see exactly what's going on.

But hey, it wouldn't be a Sasquatch video without those qualities.

The short clip, posted on YouTube, purportedly shows the big man lumbering through the woods underneath a waterfall.

The YouTube description reads,

Sightings of the beast usually come from North America, but this lasted video was shot in Indonesia. It's claimed that this footage could show the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot - despite it being taken in Asia. The Sasquatch can be seen roaming through the countryside against a back drop of exotic mountains.

Bigfoot: Real or myth?

Rumors of a giant, ape-like creature roaming the wild go way back and are built into the fabric of American folklore.

People claim him to be around ten feet tall and covered in thick hair.

Sightings come in all shapes and sizes.

One of the more recent was from Michigan. A camera pointed at an Eagle's nest captured a mysterious figure walking through the woods.

It has the hue of a bear, but walks like a human.

You've probably come across some of the original sightings footage.

The famous clip was taken in the 1960s in Bluff Creek, California. It shows a human-like creature moving casually between foliage.

If Bigfoot does exist, science would argue it's an extinct hominidae.

But common sense points to a mix of misidentification (with the likes of black bears and other animals) and a slew of hoaxes.

Whatever it is, it's scary and I don't like it.

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