Heroic 5-Year-Old Dressed As Batman Saves Baby Trapped In A Hot Car


There is a superhero in our midst, and his name is Zavi.

Two days ago, a baby trapped in a hot car was miraculously rescued by 5-year-old Zavi Ahmed, a little boy wearing a Batman costume.

The baby was accidentally locked in the car by her grandmother, who then panicked and called police.

Unfortunately, police were not able to free the child from the vehicle, even after smashing the back window.

It was a tense scene until Zavi and his mother, Emma, showed up.

The little Batman was small enough to fit through the smashed window, and he climbed in and unlocked the doors so the baby could be freed.

His mother told Daily Mail,

Thankfully, the baby, later identified as Iris Adamski, is fine — and little Zavi is forever a hero.

Good job, kiddo!

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