Heroic French Journalist Injured While Rescuing Victims Of Terrorist Attack (Video)


A journalist for Parisian newspaper Le Monde has released a first-hand account of the deadly attack that shook Paris' Bataclan Concert Hall last night.

Daniel Psenny, who lives in the 11th arrondissement directly behind the Bataclan, was working in his apartment when the first shots were fired.

Initially unsure what had happened, Psenny began to film the scene from his second-floor window.

But when he saw victims laying helplessly in the street, Psenny realized how serious the situation was and decided to help the injured find safety.

This is his story (translated from French):

Psenny was transported to the Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris' 15th arrondissement early Saturday morning, Le Monde reports. He remains hospitalized, awaiting surgery.

See Psenny's terrifying footage below.

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