These nine "healthy Coke" memes know exactly how you feel.

These “Healthy Coke” Memes Might Make You Hate Balsamic Vinegar

Why are we ruining LaCroix?

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You’ve probably seen the new “healthy Coke” trend going around on TikTok. (I’ll leave the “healthy” designation up to you, dear reader.)

The quirky concoction of sparkling water and balsamic vinegar definitely isn’t for everyone, especially the people behind these “healthy Coke” memes.

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The “healthy Coke” craze started on June 7 when TikToker @MandyVJones shared the alternative Coke recipe on TikTok.

According to the video, the recipe calls for sparkling water and a “splash” of balsamic vinegar. Seriously. No wonder the controversial sip has Twitter ablaze.