Doctor Beats 'Prostitute' Daughter Over Halloween Party


Halloween is supposed to be about dressing up in fun costumes, eating tons of candy and getting silly with your favorite people.

But for one family, they'll forever remember Halloween 2016 as the time Dr. Gohar Rahman was banned from practicing for a full year, according to Metro UK.

The 57-year-old consultant cardiologist reportedly attacked his 17-year-old daughter after she went to a Halloween party after lying to him and telling him she'd only be at a friend's house until 9:30 pm.

A lawyer named Noel Casey spoke to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, revealing,

Instead of simply grounding her, taking away her electronic devices and giving her a stern lecture, Rahman decided that the proper course of discipline would be to brutally beat the 17-year-old.

Casey continued,

Unfortunately, the dispute did not end there. The lawyer added,

Rahman continued the attack on his daughter with a slew of verbal assaults. He told her that he no longer recognized her as his daughter and that she had brought immense shame to her family for her actions. He also called her a "prostitute."

The altercation led to the girl being forced to change out of her dress because Rahman thought it was too revealing. Once she changed into traditional attire (Rahman is Muslim), the girl was forced to pray.

The report also states that the girl then used her Nintendo DS to alert authorities that she had been beaten by her father.

She was brought to a medical examiner. While being examined a large portion of her hair came off of her head after Rahman had pulled her hair during the attack. The girl told police that her dad looked "like a monster."

She also expressed difficulties sleeping due to the traumatic incident.

Rahman was originally given a 10-month jail sentence, but had it suspended after showing "significant remorse."

As a result of his actions against his daughter over celebrating Halloween, the doctor has been suspended from his medical practice for 12 months.

A coworker close to Rahman said,

Let's hope this family can learn to settle their differences the right way in the future.

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