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Guy Murders Grindr Date Using Acid Bath Inspired By Breaking Bad

There's a fine line between binge-watching a TV show and becoming creepily obsessed with it, and this "Breaking Bad" fan just crossed it.

His name is Stefano Brizzi, and he strangled a police officer he met on Grindr and then dissolved his body in an acid bath, Metro reports.

Apparently, the crime took place on April 1 after Brizzi, 50, met Gordon Semple, 59, on the dating app and invited him over for a drug-fueled sex party.


Apparently, Semple planned on inviting other men to the gathering, but Brizzi wouldn't have it.

In fact, one man -- who goes by the name CD -- arrived at the party. But when he got there, Brizzi was in the middle of strangling Semple.

While speaking about the confrontation to the police, Brizzi allegedly said,

...but they didn't arrive and, when one did arrive, I was right in the middle of strangling Gordon and I said to – he was right there at the door – and I said to him "Look, this is not the right time now, people are falling ill and it's a mess."

With this answer, the guest turned around and went home.

Days after the party, Brizzi's neighbors began smelling a horrific odor coming from his apartment in the Peabody Estate in south London.

When someone questioned the unsettling smell, Brizzi reportedly told them he was cooking dinner for a friend.

In reality, that wasn't the case.

Police officers arrived on April 7, and discovered "globules of flesh" floating in his bathtub.

Metropolitan Police

The flesh once belonged to Gordon Semple.

Apparently, Brizzi talked to an officer about his reasoning behind the murder. He said,

I've tried to dissolve the body … I've killed a police officer. I killed him last week. I met him on Grindr and I killed him. Satan told me to.

During his case, the court allegedly heard Brizzi was a user of a crystal meth strain called Nutella.

He was also infatuated with the TV show "Breaking Bad," which has a scene where chemistry teacher and crystal meth cooker Walter White dissolves one of his enemies in an acid bath tub.

Despite the obvious evidence behind the case, Brizzi is denying he murdered Semple and is reportedly blaming Semple's death on a "sex game gone wrong."

Apparently, he did admit to dismembering and disposing Semple's body, though.

I guess some people should just stay away from certain TV shows, huh?

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