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Guy Delivers 'Free' Marijuana On Craigslist To Outsmart Laws


Selling weed on Craigslist is obviously illegal, but one Massachusetts man came up with a pretty clever way to get the job done.

According to Kindland, a quick-thinking entrepreneur in the cannabis industry used Craigslist, under the name "Corey," to sell really expensive empty baggies. Depending on how much you paid for a baggie, you would get a "free" gift.

That "free" gift was marijuana.

In other words, Corey charged $20 for an empty baggie, which would then come with a complimentary gift of a gram of weed. In Massachusetts, it's currently legal to give away up to an ounce of marijuana.

A deep-pocketed buyer would be able to purchase an empty baggie for $325 which would come with "27.8g of any or multiple strains" of marijuana as a gift.

Here's a screenshot of the original Craigslist ad, which claims to give away a "free" gift along with an empty baggie ranging from $20-$325.


According to the post, other selling points include:

  • Offering dispensary grade marijuana, at below market price!
  • Multiple strains
  • Fast response and delivery
  • Clean, precise, professional grade digital scales
  • New strains daily
  • Respectful, mature, discreet staff

Perhaps the best part about this is the disclaimer that originally came along with the Craigslist post on January 1. The disclaimer reads,

While that seems to be pretty straightforward, Massachusetts's own Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan disagrees. Sullivan spoke to New England Public Radio, saying,

That same day, Corey updated the disclaimer. It read,

Smooth... Really smooth!

Let's hope Corey doesn't get in too much trouble.

It seems like officials are on to his elaborate scheme. It also seems like he genuinely cares about the "great people" looking to get their hands on some dank weed in Massachusetts...

Or maybe he just grew too much of it and actually needs to give some away.

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